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The Art of Asking and Using Social Media

Using social media to grow your visibility and build relationships in your networks can help you in unexpected ways. You can build relationships with your peers that could lead to joint ventures. Or you can connect with an industry leader using social media to find a mentor. You can even use social media to build […]

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Using Webinars to Grow Visibility and Engage On Social Media

The Importance of Using Webinars to Grow Visibility With your business expanding or even starting out, it’s important to be using webinars to grow visibility. Let me explain to you in further detail why that is. It is an excellent way to reach potential clients or customers. Whether you offer free or paid webinars, it’s […]

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Determine Your Market and Reach Your Target Customers

Send to Kindle Don’t Just Market Anywhere, Market Your Target Customers Every business owner wants to reach their target customers; however, just marketing anywhere and everywhere won’t get you the customers you’re looking for. It may bring you a small group of customers but not enough to make up for the time and the cost […]

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Connecting and Sharing While Using Social Media Etiquette, Responsibly

Social media etiquette is the way you conduct yourself while you are connecting with others via social networking sites.  Social media can evolve your connection and communication with existing, new, and potential customers, especially with good social media etiquette. Just remember that social media is a public place. Using the proper etiquette in your […]

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Find Target Customers Using Social Media and Grow Visibility

Using Social Media To Find Target Customers Everyone wants the same things for their business, to grow visibility and to find their target customer. Being a Social Media Strategist, Social Media Coach and a Social Media Consultant, I enjoy teaching business owners and others how to grow visibility using social media and how to find their target customer […]

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