If you are building a remote team, you might have many remote team building questions. To help you with your efforts, I've created this blog post with helpful tips that will answer your questions. 

Special note, a virtual team is also known as a remote team. You may see references to “remote team” too. Also when you may see the word “workers” it can be interchanged with “team”.

Answers to your remote team building questions

I'm going to answer some of the top virtual teambuilding questions that I've been asked. I will cover a few of the top questions in this blog post. If a question that you have about virtual teams isn't included, please feel free to leave your question(s) in a comment. Then I will reply to your virtual team building questions.

Question 1: How do I start building my virtual team?

A perfect way to start off is by answering virtual team building questions. Getting started with your remote workers, it's important that you create a strategic plan that will include your vision, what type of workers you want to hire and who you need on your team. Once you have a strategic plan in place, then it's time to implement it.

“Pull together a team that includes individuals with diversity in experiences, skills, and knowledge.” PMI.org

Here is how I got started with my remote team:

  • Looked at my business to see what tasks I was willing to outsource.
  • Determined who I needed to complete those tasks.
  • Research ways that I could hire my workers. Currently, I'm using Hubstaff Talent and Mighty Recruiter to hire.
  • Once hired, assigned the tasks to each person.
  • There are additional steps to this process that will be covered in the following questions. However, this is a good basis for you to understand how to get started.

Question 2: Where can I find my remote workers?

Remote Teambuilding Questions - buildteamzEven though there are many websites that offer you ways to find remote workers, it's important that you figure out how much control you want over the hiring process. Create a list of the things that you want to make sure you have control over. Then compare this list to what websites offer. Below is the list of questions I used to for my criteria.

  • Can I bring my own people?
  • Do I have control over time management?
  • Does it take periodic screenshots?
  • Can I track time by projects?
  • Can time be tracked by tasks?
  • Can I pay my workers virtually?
  • Can I invoice my clients?
  • Does it allow me to have contractors instead of employees?

Since 2012, I've been working with remote workers who I hire as contractors. During this time, I've used different services to manage my teams. I started out with oDesk which is now named Upwork. Right now, I use Hubstaff because it offers me full control over the entire hiring process and team management.

Question 3: How can I manage projects with virtual team members?

Remote Teambuilding Questions - buildteamzProject management is very important when working with remote workers. Especially if you have multiple clients that you are working with. Streamlining how you manage project should start with using a service that will allow you to easily keep things in order. After trying several tools that were either free or paid, I am currently using Basecamp.

By using Basecamp, I'm able to manage all tasks and workers via projects. It even integrates with my Hubstaff which is the service I use to hire and pay my contractors. Below are things that you need to keep in mind when managing projects where you will have virtual teams.

  • Set up a recurring weekly team meeting to check-in with your remote workers
  • Determine how you will communicate with your workers about each project
  • Always include a deadline for every task created
  • Track all project tasks
  • Determine time allowed for each task
  • Provide specific details on each task
  • Always assign tasks when setting up a project

Question 4: How do I pay remote workers?

Remote Teambuilding Questions - buildteamzImportant things to keep in mind when you want to pay your remote workers are, ensure that they track time, tracking software should be able to take screenshots, and that your contractor software allows you to make virtual payments. As mentioned before, I use Hubstaff to hire and manage my contractors and I also use it to pay them.

While you are choosing software to pay your remote workers, below are things that you might want to keep in mind:

  • Am I allowed to pay my team online?
  • Do I have a choice of which services I can use?
  • How do these services allow me to pay my workers: check, credit card, or PayPal?
  • How often can I pay my contractors?
  • Do they have to set up accounts with the services in order to get paid?

In using Hubstaff, I'm able to incorporate all of the above. It's also a “set it and forget” service where you set up everything once and it's done.

Question 5: How do I grow my remote team successfully?

Remote Teambuilding Questions - buildteamzWhile you are building your remote team, it would be a good idea to build in stages. Determine who you need to start with in order to build your remote team. I would suggest you start with at least a virtual assistant.

This virtual assistant should have skills that include content management that would include blogging and website management. They should also be able to manage social media, email marketing, and any other tasks that you can outsource to them. It would also be helpful to have someone who knows how to help you grow your business. Just a note, all of these skills may not be all in one person.

Once you have started hiring your remote workers, it's important for you to keep in mind your future growth. Create a plan that will determine when you need to start the hiring process again as your business grows.

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