When making plans to grow your business, have you thought about outsourcing to remote teams? Keep in mind that a remote team can help you save money, increase productivity, and free up your time.

In my experience, it has been very freeing being able to assign tasks to my team so that they can complete them and free me up. My productivity level has increased double-fold due to the extra help I have gained by outsourcing to remote team members.

When it comes to saving money, I don’t have the overhead costs of office space. In some cases, it can cost as much as $100 per SQFT. It’s a big saving not having this extra cost per month with a remote team.

How outsourcing to a remote team can save you money

Let’s think about what it takes to hire an employee for your business and work in an office. It is best to start out with a list of what you are looking for. Being exact in the job description is a huge bonus. It will save you time and effort when reviewing applications. While you are growing your team, you want workers who are going to be productive and helpful to you.

Here are a few things to look for:

  • Do they have experience in working on a remote team?
  • Can they fulfill all the requirements in your job description?
  • Will they help you advance your business and bring in new clients?
  • How much time will you need to devote to training them?
  • Can they communicate clearly and efficiently?
  • Will having them on your team help to free up YOUR time?

When asking these questions, there will be more than you will want to be added to your interview list. Asking direct and informed questions will help to get to know the potential remote worker. Be sure to ask questions that are more than just Yes and No. You want them to showcase how they can assist you.

Ways your productivity level can be increased

Having remote workers has greatly increased the time that I can spend looking for new clients. Being able to rely on my team, I can be confident that they are handling the day to day operations. It has made my productivity go through the roof and I successfully continued to grow my business! I am able to spend more time each day on networking to find potential clients and communicating with my current clients.  

Since building my remote team I have:

  • Seen projects get completed on a faster timetable.
  • Been able to widen the reach that I have online and in my community
  • Watched my business increase and grow
  • Been able to engage and communicate with current and potential clients
  • Kept up to date on cutting-edge technology and ideas that will promote my team and business.

Working with a remote team has many benefits. As a business owner, your time is precious, and you want to get the most out of each day. Having a stellar team, dedicated to your business can increase and grow your outreach and clientele.

What will you do with the free time you gain with a remote team

We all enjoy having free time. There are days when you simply need to take a few hours and relax. Having a dedicated remote team that will keep your business running and operating is essential. I enjoy taking a few hours each week to relax and recuperate.  You should never feel guilty for taking you time. If you do not take care of yourself, you will burn yourself out quickly, which can be devastating to your company.

With my free time I:

  • Enjoy reading and listening to music
  • Catch up on email and run personal errands
  • Find new and exciting tools that will benefit my company
  • Visit with friends and family
  • And one of my guilty pleasures, writing paranormal romances

Free time is not taboo. Being able to free your mind and relax helps to promote better thought processes. Taking a little time to work on other projects around your house or just having fun can sometimes lead to new ideas and leads. Taking care of yourself will ensure longevity and overall performance.

In closing about outsourcing to a remote team

Building and maintaining a remote team is easier than you think! Cutting down on overhead costs, and upkeep of a local office will save you a bundle of cash each year. With your remote team, you can spend more time cultivating and growing your business, gain peace of mind, and save money in the process.

Are you ready to take the leap into building your remote team and freeing up your time!? Contact us today! We would love to help you get started.  

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