Managing the clock is essential for a virtual team. As you hire remote employees, you want to ensure that they are productively working. There are several options available to help manage the clock. Choosing a time management application for your company does not have to be a chore. We will share a few of the top-notch services that can easily integrate with your online applications.

When you begin to search for an online time manager, the first thing you need to decide on is what are the crucial factors. Are you looking for something that will take screenshots of your employee's computer? Do you want a time manager that will allow tracked time for assigned tasks only? Pull your list of needs, make your pros and cons list, and then choose the program that will help you succeed.

Why Tracking Time is Important

When it comes to managing your online team, time tracking helps ensure that everyone is working on specific tasks. However, it also provides that your business is moving forward. Maintaining the clock helps keep your overhead down, and employees on assignment. As you break down each project, you can see the number of hours spent, who worked on what task, and what still needs to finish. By using a time management system that tracks each task by the user, it makes it easy to break down the process. As you are starting out, following these numbers can help to build for your next project, by giving the client the estimated time needed to complete the project. 

Keeping track of time allows the accurate tracking of hours on projects. By tracking your project, you can give clients down to the second accounting of work completed. Set your team up for success with online time tracking.


Hubstaff allows for time tracking and can integrate into many of the online collaboration tools. Basecamp and Slack are just a few of the tools that integrate with Hubstaff. With Basecamp, you can set tasks, track your projects and communicate effectively with your team and clients. 

Hubstaff will take screenshots of the computer being used for tasks, while the clock is running. You can perform manual time edits. However, if you add manual time, there will be no screenshots. By tracking through screenshots, you can see how efficiently your team is working. See how easy managing the clock can be!

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is another online time tracking tool that allows for easy time management. This program includes screenshots, manual time edits, and easy integration into your online tools. Time Doctor brings time management to an entirely new level. There are fun features such as tracking mouse movements, keyboard strokes, and more! Being able to see the screenshots, and compare to keyboard strokes, gives you a bigger picture of effective time usage. It will also inform you if there are lags in the time. If the clock is running, but there are no keystrokes or movement on the screen, it will log that in your records. 

The application is straightforward to use and allows users to track time on assigned tasks only. You can create permanent jobs, the ones that must get accomplished daily, weekly or monthly, and these tasks can be used many times over. Create specific tasks as well that will only be used once. Check to see if Time Doctor will sync to the online application you use to communicate with your team.


Upwork is another option that you can use to track time for your remote employees. However, it is not only a time tracking tool. You can find and bid on other projects within Upwork, AND follow the time that your employees are clocking. Managing the clock just got a bit easier! Upwork allows for manual time edits as well. You can set time limits as to how many hours they can work per week, set their wage, and pay them all through the site. Just set up your agency, add your activity codes, and get to work!

Managing The Clock with Ease

Time management becomes a breeze when you have an online tracking tool. Track each project, by the task. You can easily keep track of how long each project takes with these online trackers. From starting idea to finished product, watch each project take shape. After all, your business deserves the best!

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