Remote workers face some unique challenges in finding the company culture that in-office employees do not suffer. Some report having a stressful work/life balance, some don't get enough physical exercise, and many have a hard time getting the social interaction they need. Fortunately, many of these challenges can often be mitigated by fostering a healthy company culture. Here are four practices that will boost company culture for remote workers.

1. Happy Hour

Many companies will host a distant happy hour for their remote workers. Typically, on a Friday afternoon once a month or so. It's a time where everyone gathers around their computers, turns on their webcams, and talk about anything BUT work. Have a "Get to know you" session with one employee per month, or have a quick game of "Guess The Baby Picture." Having a time where everyone steps out of work mode, and into letting-off-steam mode is really a great way to boost morale, teamwork, and fostering a healthy connection between remote workers.

2. Adopt a Time-Off Policy

When it comes to remote workers, work/life balance can be delicate. Last minute texts, urgent emails from another time zone, and the need to "Get it all done" can lead to burn out. Enforce a time-off policy. This may include forcing your team members to shut down or snooze their remote work communication platform, or having them set an away notification every day.

Encourage your employees to take frequent breaks. Remote workers can struggle with guilt over taking breaks, but lunch breaks and short breaks during the workday are crucial to maintaining good health and a great work/life balance.

While not everyone takes a full two-week vacation every year, impress the importance of taking days off to refresh their minds and bodies.

3. Incentives For Remote Workers

Everyone loves perks. Consider offering your employees small bonuses or gift cards for reaching employment milestones. Many remote companies provide their remote workers "Swag Packages," which include branded items.

If your company wants to see employees continually improve themselves, offer an e-library so employees can do some self-work on their own time. Giving remote workers opportunities to further their education through paid training and conferences is another excellent way to help your employees become more involved and improve morale.

4. Have a Buddy System

Working remote can be isolating. Assign a mentor or work buddy to each employee, this way they have a point of contact for assistance, a springboard for ideas, and someone within the company that knows the ins and outs to help them become a valuable part of the team.

Boosting company morale can seem tough when you're not in the same building, but with a little creativity and these tips, you can have a happier, more productive team! Contact BuildTeamz today for more information on how to take your remote team to the next level!

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