Remote workers get some amazing perks. No commute, no office politics, and no cubicles. However, remote work does come with some setbacks. Remote workers tend to keep their head down, focus on work more, and take less time socializing. This means it's critical to engage and connect with your employees in order to keep everyone involved, excited, and invested in your business.

For remote teams, disconnection, or a feeling of being "left out" can be a huge culture problem. As your remote team engages less, their satisfaction levels with their work culture drop. This undoubtedly means an uptick in turnover.

If you have a remote team, it's vital to engage and connect with them on a regular basis. Here are a few concrete ways to engage and connect with your remote team:

1. Engage and Connect: Have a Social Space

Not everyone uses social media, but having a social space or chatroom for your remote team is a great idea. Encourage interaction on that space by posting interesting stories, funny memes, gifs, or recent happenings. Many companies use platforms like Slack or Google Hangouts to keep communication flowing.

2. Engage and Connect: Have a Paid Social Hour

Remote workers have been proven to be more efficient than in-office workers. Reward that productivity by having an hour bi-weekly or per month dedicated to engage and connect your coworkers. Whether it's called a work bonfire, happy hour, or company goof-off hour, pay your employees to interact with one another. No work talk allowed.

3. Engage and Connect: Offer Incentives and Recognize Effort

Everyone loves recognition. Find ways to give incentives to your employees. Whether it's meeting a sales goal, going above and beyond for a client, or celebrating an employee anniversary, offer incentives. It's great way to help keep your team moving forward together, while celebrating each other's successes along the way.

3. Engage and Connect: Get Your Team on the Same Page

Organization can be a challenge for remote teams; especially in the beginning. Have your remote team work on the same platform, and use the same systems. Many companies use remote work platforms such as Basecamp, Wrike, and Trello to stay on top of work progress, meetings, and goals.

4. Engage and Connect: Be Authentic

When it comes to truly engaging with your remote team, it's critical to be authentic in your communication. Give honest, but supportive feedback. Be understanding, and do the work it takes to actually get to know your remote team – even if they are 1,000 miles away. Authenticity is the defining factor of whether you are a solid remote team, or just nomad workers connected by an internet connection.

Getting your remote team to engage and connect can seem difficult when you look at the big picture. However, by integrating some of these tips, you'll see your remote team begin to flourish. For more information on how to better connect and engage with your remote team, contact BuildTeamz today!

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