Hiring for a remote team can be time-consuming. Narrowing down the perfect applicants that can work on their own time, while still meeting time hacks as needed for jobs, and possessing the skills sets needed is a pain. In fact, many HR specialists state that hiring is one of their biggest headaches. Well, Breezy HR has listened to the needs of HR specialists, and have crafted the perfect platform to make the hiring process stress-free for in-office jobs, as well as for remote teams.

Breezy HR: Hiring Has Never Been Easier

Breezy HR's platform has your hiring process covered from start to finish. Beginning with collaboration, this platform allows you to have as many people on your platform as you need to help with the hiring process – this is especially helpful for remote teams. Whether your HR person is in Tokyo, and the Marketing Department in Canada, they can all be on the same page (and the same screen) with Breezy.

The Breezy Platform also has an easy-to-use chrome extension to help you save and connect with potential applicants. Have a standout on LinkedIn? Add them quickly and easily right into Breezy. Each person gets their own card, which you can then move down the hiring funnel as they progress.

Once you're ready to get the word out about your position, you can create your job listing, and then seamlessly get it posted to all the premium job boards, as well as job boards tailored to remote teams.

Hiring The Best Fit: How Breezy HR Helps

Once you have a list of qualified applicants, you can automate emails and text messages directly from the Breezy HR platform or from your own email platform. Breezy even has its own messenger you can use to reach out to candidates. You can easily schedule phone interviews and on-screen video interviews through Breezy, with each person's card on display for easy reference.

Breezy HR makes culture fit as easy as possible by giving you the option to send email and SMS messages, tests, and questionnaires tailor suited your remote team's culture.

With Breezy HR's drag-and-drop cards, you move candidates from first contact attempt and surveys to culture fit quizzes and interviews – all on one ideal platform.

Once you've found the right candidate, Breezy's analytics are there to help you fine-tune your hiring processes and see where candidates (or your hiring process) may be lacking.

Additionally, Breezy HR will automatically track your EEOC and OFCCP data. The Breezy platform also allows you to see where your best candidates are originating from, hiring pipeline metrics, and more.

Remote hiring has never been easier. From beginning to end, Breezy HR goes above and beyond to help you hire the best fit for your remote team from the start.

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