There are thousands of sites competing against yours to win over customers, and build their brand as the authority product in your market. Along with it, there are also thousands of strategies available that will lead your business to be more competitive. In addition to website growth strategies, we should be looking at the beneficial tools for sites and WordPress businesses.

Website Growth Tools

Here are 5 tools that can help excel your Website Growth. Put simply, here are WordPress tools for growth that you need to consider.

1. Thrive Optimize

You want the visitors who are interested in you, the stories you’re telling, or the products you’re selling, to have easy access to hearing more from you in the future. Without this, you don’t have access to those highly engaged interested customers.

Thrive Optimize is the solution that you are needing. It's a simple, fast, highly effective A/B testing, directly on your WordPress website. Also, it performs real, high-end, statistically valid tests on your site.

2CC Search

You need to tell stories, with actionable content that promotes discussion and thinking. It’s not always the best solution to create everything yourself originally. Creative Commons is a media license that allows people to share their work with the delivery of a permission for other creators to display and use their work.

This can be one of the most valuable WordPress tools for growth for you as a creator, business, or writer. CC Search allows you to search the internet for Creative Commons content including text, images, and even videos.

3. LastPass

Stop using weak passwords that are just waiting for the bad guys to get in. LastPass is a manager that creates and stores secure passwords, logins, and email information so you’re never locked out. You’ll also stop using that dreaded “Forgot Password” button.

Have a team behind your business? You can use LastPass as a collaborative approach to sharing logins, without ever sharing the actual password.

4. Buffer

What’s the first alternative medium you think of when growing your audience? The answer is probably social media platforms.

Buffer is the go-to option for managing, growing, and analyzing the reach for all of your social media efforts. No more taking hours out of a busy schedule to publish posts on multiple social media platforms. Buffer brings all of the platforms together in one platform and allows you to schedule months ahead of time so you can stop thinking too much about it and waste time.

5. Pingdom

What’s the most important digital asset for your business? Obviously, the answer is your website. Your business relies on a working and efficient website. If your website slows down, you lose business. If your website shuts down, you forfeit all current operations.

Pingdom is the solution all WordPress users should be taking advantage of and is the WordPress tool for growth that can define the lines between business or no business.

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