To help you promote your podcast, a compilation of the top directories where you can submit your podcast will be shared in this blog post. The top 5 directories have different processes and the details are below.

Where to promote your podcast

This is a basic list of where you can promote your podcast. It should help you get a good start on promoting the podcast and to reach your key target market.


Description: iTunes is without a doubt the big kid on the block. if you don’t submit the podcast to any other directory then you should, at the very least, submit the podcast to this directory. To submit the podcast to iTunes you will need to have a copy of iTunes running on your computer, an iTunes account, and your RSS feed URL.

Submission process: Submit your podcast to iTunes


Libsyn is primarily a podcast hosting service that a lot of podcasters use to host the media files of their shows but has recently launched a Podcast Source app for Windows 8/10 and Windows Phone 8 that features all of the shows hosted on their system. Using your RSS feed URL and e-mail address, you can be added also.

Submission process: Submit your podcast to Libsyn


Description: Stitcher is an excellent and rapidly growing place to submit a podcast. It provides some interesting statistics about the downloads of the podcast and the listening habits of your subscribers. Stitcher is available as an app for smartphones and is installed in the in-car entertainment systems of over 60 different vehicle models.

Submission process: Submit your podcast to Stitcher


Spreaker's got you covered from the moment you hit RECORD. Create, host, and distribute your podcasts from your desktop and mobile devices. Start your podcast by pre-recording or broadcasting LIVE via the studio console featured on the web, as well as on the Android and iOS apps.

Spreaker distributes your podcast to social networks, iTunes, YouTube, and more. Plus make announcements, embed widgets, and order Customized Mobile Apps. Play the numbers game and check detailed analytics like your total plays, sources, and the geolocation of your podcast’s listeners.

Submission process: Sign up and then import your RSS feed

TuneIn Radio

Tunein is available as a mobile app and as a website for listening to podcasts and radio shows. They are currently looking to enhance their offerings to podcasters.

To submit your podcast to this directory you need to e-mail [email protected] with your show’s title, geographical locationcover art (1200 x 1200px, JPG or PNG, < 2MB), RSS feed URL, website address, genre, twitter handle (optional) and your e-mail address.


Blubrry produces the popular PowerPress plugin for facilitating podcasting with WordPress which, with an appropriate Blubrry account, also offers a wonderful set of statistics for your podcast. The Blubrry directory is also featured in set-top boxes such as Roku. To add your podcast you need to create a free account and add your show’s title, keyword, category, website address and RSS feed URL.

Submission process: Submit your podcast to Blubrry

Last Words…

Here's a link to additional places where you can promote your podcast: podCast411. If you know of additional podcast directories, please feel free to leave a comment below. Feel free to reshare this post to help your fellow podcasters.

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