WordPress social media plugins are a powerhouse in building digital presence and visibility. That’s for good reason too – social media makes it easy to reach your target audience through content they are interested in. This is much like WordPress, one of the best few platforms that can do it all from a business website, eCommerce, to an internationally read blog. When you mix WordPress and social media, your visibility building is overhauled. Here’s my look at the top WordPress social media plugins.

What to Look for in WordPress Social Media Plugins

WordPress Social Media Plugins - kim beasley - grow business visibilitySocial media is one of the few channels you can deliver content to an audience that is already using the delivery platform, the social media websites. This means you want to take full advantage of these platforms and excel with the best in class WordPress plugins. Here’s what we should look for in WordPress social media plugins:

  • Optimization: Plugins that have toolsets for determining your audience reach, optimized posting times, and engagement will all equip you to win compared to traditional social media posting.
  • Visuals: With a great user interface, comes great management with that plugin. If you’re the type of user who wants your information displayed in a clear visual way, these plugins will deliver for you.
  • Automation: Plugins should make your life easier. Consider plugins that take work away from you, not make more work for you. Automation in posting, scheduling, and transferring is what you want to look for when seeking automation features.


Blog2Social is the perfect option for those looking WordPress social media plugins that offer an all-in-one solution. Since Blog2Social is accessible throughout your entire WordPress dashboard, there is much flexibility from auto-posting, editing scheduled content, and even has a calculator to determine the best times for your business to post on social media.

With analytics built into your WordPress dashboard and countless other tools, Blog2Social is perfect for you if you never want to have to leave your WordPress site to manage social media and grow your business visibility. Blog2Social’s free plugin includes posting features to a limited number of social platforms and unlocks more with their premium versions.


The primary feature CoSchedule touts its editorial calendar and write management features, which it excels at. Among those, CoSchedule has a surprisingly solid tool for social media management for your WordPress posts. Of all the WordPress social media plugins, CoSchedule offers top scheduling and calendar toolset to really keep your schedule together and visual.

With collaboration features for everyone on your WordPress site, social media posting is a team effort built right into a full fledged calendar perfect for planning short term social media planning and long term. CoSchedule’s clean and intelligently styled interface makes it an alluring choice for long term planning with a larger budget, as there is no free starter plan.


IFTTT stands for “if this then that”. IFTTT is a service based on a script that you can simply set triggers and actions to those triggers. As you can guess, this is perfect for use as WordPress social media plugins, much like the others yet offer a much more automated hassle-free option.

The best part? It gives you a fully automated solution without any hassle of remembering to post or schedule when you publish a post on WordPress. IFTTT is a quality free solution for anyone just starting out to save time and resources.

WordPress to Buffer

Buffer’s full featured social media management and analytics tool come to your WordPress site with this plugin. Buffer already has a stand-alone platform that is perfect businesses of any size to manage and grow their social presence with scheduling, posting, and analyzing features. The plugin takes automation to a new level with an importing of your WordPress posts directly into your Buffer dashboard.

Much like IFTTT detailed above, WordPress to Buffer is a great solution if you want the ease of your time and resources to set it and forget with all the power included with Buffer on its own. Buffer’s pricing starts with a free level with one free social media account on each platform and has a competitive tiered pricing for those growing their businesses.

Now that you have seen a quick view of WordPress social media plugins, try them out and see which one you like. Then leave a comment to let me know which one works best for you.

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