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Agape3 Business Services (A3BS) is the best WordPress development company which happens to be located in Kansas City, MO and it was created by Kim Beasley. Kim is a FANatic about WordPress and through Agape3, she and her team want to provide you with WordPress web design services and training. Agape3 loves creating money-making WordPress websites for our clients.

Our Background

We got our start with web design services back in 1996 when our founder, Kim Beasley, was still working in corporate America. In 1999, she left her job as a technical project manager. The plan that was put in place, was focused on helping entrepreneurs to create their presence online. In 2012, Agape3 won its first corporate contract and started providing WordPress services and training to Steelcase dealers.

Our Approach & Philosophy

A3BS is based on the Storybrand website wire-frame process. The Storybrand process helps you integrate story-telling into your website so that your potential clients can discover how you easily work with them. Because we love WordPress and Storybrand so much, we have integrated both to develop websites for our clients.

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