Running a business has a lot of moving parts, and keeping everything organized can quickly become a problem. Unless you have excellent productivity apps in your toolkit, that is. You can completely turn your business around by synergizing your workflow between teams, and the right app will help you do just that. You can organize projects, break them down into assigned tasks, communicate with team members, and even keep an eye on valuable analytics that helps track productivity and workflows.

What Productivity Apps Will Work for You?

The trick to finding the right app is to choose programs that put everything in the same space. You may be working with multiple teams, all of whom use different programs and tools. You can stay ahead of the game by finding something that can easily integrate with the tools you and your teams already use to get work done.

To help you get started on choosing the right software, we’ve taken two of our favorites and listed the pros and cons of each program below.

RingCentral Glip

Glip is one of many productivity apps that allow several methods of team communication, as well as the ability to organize tasks across different projects. It has many useful, shared in the pros column below, and it is an excellent way to manage team productivity. Here are the pros and cons our team found when using Glip:


  • You can organize different projects into separate folders for communication and task assignments
  • Links, notes, and documents shared in folders are automatically pinned to a sidebar for easy access
  • There is integrated software for voice and video meetings
  • Team members only have access to folders that are shared with them, so you can easily manage multiple accounts, departments, and the exchange of sensitive information
  • There are many programs that can integrate with RingCentral Glip


  • You cannot track tasks as well as other productivity apps available today
  • There is no simple way to collect analytics regarding your workflows and team performance
  • You cannot control what a team member can add or delete from a folder once they have been included in that folder


Wrike is made with project management in mind, and that makes it stand out from other productivity apps. Much like Glip and other such programs, Wrike allows you to create folders for different projects and control who has access to them. Unlike other apps on the market, Wrike also offers onboard analytics to track your team productivity and project workflows. Here are some of the pros and cons we’ve found when using this program:


  • You can create both projects and folders to better organize tasks and team productivity
  • Paid versions of the program allow you to create custom workflows that offer much better tracking of progress across a project
  • Advanced task tracking allows for projects to be marked with dependencies, and also automatically emails team members when a dependency has been marked as completed so they know immediately when they can begin their part of a project
  • Wrike offers many different ways to view a project that seamlessly integrates with any style of project management
  • Wrike offers many integrations with other software, including Google Drive, and can also be paired with Zapier to further increase the functionality


  • The video/voice software does not perform well every time it is used, and the record feature only captures audio, not screen shares
  • You have to put a system in place for communication to avoid losing important conversations in the complex folder and project systems you are able to create
  • The desktop app uses a lot of resources and can slow down your computer when too many other background applications are running

There are many productivity apps available today, but Wrike and RingCentral glip are two that our team has used to manage multiple projects. Overall, each app performed well and provided us with what we needed to get work done well. Wrike offers better task management and performance tracking, but Glip has a simpler interface.

What productivity apps have helped your organization to shine? Share in the comments below!

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