4 Ways to Boost Your WordPress Engagement

Wordpress Engagement

The end goal of content creators, bloggers, businesses, and media pros are likely to be varied, however, the initial plan is the same. We want to engage, build influence, and inform through an engaged community of active audiences. Here are some possibly missed ways to boost your WordPress engagement.

Use Share Measuring and Analysis Tools

Without actually knowing what your audience is doing with your content, you will no longer be able to effectively increase your engagement with social media. Choose social media tools that will allow you to get on top of analytics and statistics and show an overall conversion rate, traffic, and engagement among sharers. This boosts WordPress engagement not just on your own site with readers, but on other sites such as social media, email, and content-curation networks.

Filament is one tool that allows top customization in addition to industry-leading statistics and tracking software. Filament offers one of the most extensive and flexible customization, as well as some others in the group, like AddThis.

Go Beyond Default Commenting

WordPress commenting just doesn’t fit the bill in terms of getting people talking and engaging in community with content like it used to. It’s time to say goodbye to WordPress commenting and welcome some more innovative options.

Look for discussion uses that allow your visitors to use what they already use, like social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. This makes it more appealing to engage, especially when there are other influencers that recognize commenting socially.

There are many options out there for building discussion communities like these, Disqus is a network that brings together a community of readers and audiences for discussion on content sites. Facebook Comments is a popular option and is by far the wisest choice for most communities. Audiences are likely already engaging on other sites with Facebook, and are using Facebook regularly.

Use More Enticing Opt-ins

Settling for sidebar opt-ins, networking, sharing, and conversion tools just don’t extend your brand and engagement forward. Start using various tools that are unique and enticing for your audience, not just some easily missed sidebar call to action.

A Better WordPress Engagement Tool

Engagement will benefit from showing your readers who wrote the post, the title of your post, sharing tools on their favorite networks, related content they may be interested in, and the category the post they are reading is in.

Alone, this may be a difficult engagement tool to factor in. Swiftybar does this all for us, and best of all, it’s free. This increases engagement, reach, and the likability factor getting your readers actually interested in reading the post to completion and reading your other content.

In summary, implement unique engagement tools into your site and give your readers a good reason to engage. There are endless opportunities to increase WordPress engagement on your site, just start getting more creative and focus on value deliverance

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