Reshma Saujani: Be Brave, Smart, and Enthusiastic

Women are beginning to step into their space finally, and realize their value in our society. Once relegated to playing nice, and smiling pretty, we are now starting to raise our voices and be heard. Reshma Saujani is one incredible woman helping us instigate change.

Reshma Saujani: Females in the STEM Space

While there have been many efforts to entice women into the tech, science, and political space, we are still very unrepresented. In this TED talk, Reshma Saujani, founder of Girls Who Code, speaks to how important it is for women to take risks, be brave, and be enthusiastic.

This is not your typical failure to a success story. Reshma Saujani discusses her political run, at a young 33 years old. She explains how she had high hopes as an aspiring young politician. She'd campaigned, and held fundraisers, and couldn't see anything but a win for her in her political future. However, the polls spoke differently.

Reshma took this opportunity to step back, and rethink on her failure. She began to notice that how women have been socialized to aspire to perfection, and are overly cautious. This over-cautiousness keeps women from taking risks.

Reshma sees how this translates very accurately to the employment sector. On average, men will apply to jobs for which they qualify for only 60% of the requirements. Women, on the other hand, just apply for jobs which they are fully qualified for.

This play it safe mentality leaves employment gaps that women would otherwise excel in. They stay on the safe side, leaving opportunities and experiences out of reach. This, in turn leaves women severely unrepresented in not only STEM fields, but in our businesses, local government, and Washington. This under representation has a ripple effect throughout society, and Reshma Saujani has set out to launch a boulder into the lake for girls and women across the United States.

Encouraging Bravery: Reshma Saujani

Noticing a need for young girls and women to start taking risks, Reshma started a company to teach girls to code. Her goal is to teach girls to persevere and be brave, through learning to code.

Coding is not easy. It requires the coders to try new things. Many times, the code will fail, break, or just simply not work. Reshma uses this as an opportunity to teach girls that they do not need to be perfect. They merely need to be brave and persevere. When one segment of code breaks, they have to take it out and try something else.

The goal isn't perfection. The purpose is continuing through trial and creating something beautiful out of your effort. Everything between is taking risks, learning, and being brave. Those lessons teach young women that it's okay to be imperfect. Making mistakes is okay. What's not okay is not trying. What's not okay is just to sit pretty and stay quiet.

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