Capture the attention of your website visitors to dramatically grow email marketing list. With the advent of new platforms that allow for brand recognition with thoughtful and engaging communities, it’s easy for us to brush off email into a bucket left for dead. However, that’s far from reality. You can grow email marketing list because it can be very profitability for your business and website.

Why it's important to grow email marketing list?

Whether you already have a list or are just getting started, email has been proven to be one of the most effective solutions to reaching people, selling to customers, and building a brand.

Imagine this scenario. Jill, an enthusiastic cat owner is looking for a solution to her trashed couch from effortless scratching by her cat. Jill is searching online for solutions and finds your blog article on “Effective Nail Solutions for Cats”, she finds it helpful and wants to learn more about your products.

You’ve just gained a potential customer who is engaged and fully interested in your market, topic, and presumably your product. Email lists allow you to own your brand by gaining real people who are interested in your topic of interest, and who are fully engaged.

It’s A Personal Channel

When you grow email marketing list, it's a way to personally touch your website visitors. Not only do you know that people are fully interested and engaged since they’ve taken the time and effort into inputting their details, but email is a personal channel for both them and you. Emails can be delivered directly to a single person, or more than one person at a time. With this personal level, email is more than targeted promotion.

It’s 100% Yours

Social media branding, marketing, and outreach get a lot of hype. Social media is a powerful way to reach people where they already spend their time. However, when compared to email, social media is own by another brand, on a business level, Facebook owns your brand on their platform, just the same with all the other social media platforms.

In essence, there’s a place for social media in building a business, and there’s also a place for email. Each channel has their own benefits of reach and control.

How You Can Get Started

Are you ready to jump into the powerful channel and branding tools of email? Here’s what you need to know to get started and emailing those valuable connections.

  • Choose a Quality Email Service. There are numerous high-quality options available when deciding on which email marketing service that’s right for your business. Remember to choose your service based on how they display statistics like open rates, traffic, views, and clicks.
  • Powerful Testing Tools. A/B testing doesn’t have to be just on a website, it’s a powerful tool for email too. A tool like Thrive Themes Optimize which is simple, fast, highly effective A/B testing, directly on your WordPress website
  • Enticing opt-in forms. You want your customers to like what they see on your entire site, especially when it comes to email conversions. If you use Thrive Themes Leads, you can create an opt-in bar that will help you grow your list.

For more tips on building and growing your brand with thoughtful and engaging WordPress content, read my post on the best audience growth tips.

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