As you are choosing tools for your podcast, there are several things to keep in mind: Where will you do your podcast, who will participate, the topic and content for it; and the tools that you will use. For this blog post, we will concentrate on podcast hosting.

Choosing tools for your podcast

Choosing tools for your podcast is critical to a successful launch. The tools we will discuss will give you a place to host your audio, integrate it with your website, and promote it.

Podcast hosting

Finding a place to host your podcast is one of the most important things you will do because it is how your work will be stored and distributed. I recommend finding a hosting service that is simple but doesn't maximize simplicity at the expense of functionality. Podcast hosting isn't just about giving your audio a place to live, but also a place to grow.

There are several services available that give you the ability to host, distribute, and promote your podcast, while also being easy to use. The following are some of the best services available to host your podcast:

  • Libsyn – Liberated Syndication or Libsyn not only host podcasts, but comes with unlimited downloads, HTML5 audio/video, advertisements to monetize your content, and stats to track audience engagement
  • Soundcloud – One of the most popular services for audio distribution, Soundcloud is probably the simplest platform to use as a host for your podcast. Though SoundCloud may not be as powerful as other services, it does offer the ability to track, promote, and monetize your content.
  • Blubrry – Packed with some of the same functionality as other hosting platforms, Blubrry can be fully integrated into your WordPress site. According to the service, it has more than 100 features.

Podcast promotion

The success of a podcast depends on the audience. If no one is listening, then the content isn't serving a purpose.That's why promoting your podcast so that you can attract and grow your audience is important.

Social media is one of the best ways to promote content, especially in groups that are relevant to your subject area. Submitting podcast to the many podcasting dictionaries that are available can help you grow and reach your target audience. More details coming soon.

Last Words…

As you are choosing tools for your podcast, getting started with finding the right hosting is a good place to start. Watch for more details about how to promote your podcast.

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