Social media etiquette is the way you conduct yourself while you are connecting with others via social networking sites.  Social media can evolve your connection and communication with existing, new, and potential customers, especially with good social media etiquette.

Just remember that social media is a public place. Using the proper etiquette in your social community or communities is of the utmost importance because it reflects who you are as a business and an individual. Your etiquette can either build a positive reputation for you and your business or it can ruin it all together.

Using Social Media Etiquette is important!

The bigger your network, means more potential customers for your business, but how do you build your social media networks with proper etiquette?  Connecting with your social community is more than just getting followers. Those offer a service to create hundreds, sometimes thousands of new social media connections for you is not the best way to go. By hiring this type of service, you may be taking a chance of not engaging your connections on social media networks and it may seem like you are spamming them with your information.

This is not something you want to do and not a good example of using social media etiquette properly. Remember connecting with others is all about building a relationship and building trust through communication.  For those that don’t know who you are, may research your profile first to determine their decision to interact with you. When you post on your social media networks, think about how it might affect others.

Below are examples how to have good social media etiquette.

  • Enhance/Update Your Profile – When you make a new connection, they may visit your profile to get to know you better so this is their first impression of you and your business. Think about the first impression you would want your new connection to have you and your business and develop your profile accordingly.
  • Introduce Yourself – Before adding a new connection, it’s better to open a line of communication and introduce yourself. Ask them if its okay if you add them to your network, give them a reason why you want to add them. Being polite asking permission is a good way to start communicating with them.
  • Join A Group/Community – Mostly all social media networks have the ability to join groups or communities. This is a terrific way to meet new connections, interact in the group or community, not only when you need or want something but help others with what they need or want.
  • Be Presentable – Think about what you’re posting, don’t post random thoughts or useless information constantly to your networks. This is a good way to be removed from others networks or hidden so when you do have relevant information, it won’t be seen.
  • Share Information – If you find receive or find information that you know will assist a new connection or a potential new connection, share it with them. Communication is the key.

Handling Those Who Abuse Social Media Etiquette

The proper etiquette applies to all lines of communication, social media, in person, written, or telephone. Although, the nice thing about social media etiquette is that you can handle those who abuse it more easily, by avoiding, deleting, or even rehearsing your response to the individual who is abusing it. Just keep in mind that not everyone will agree with what you have to say on your social media networks.

However, how you respond to the etiquette abuser is the important thing. With several social media sites available for connecting with other, it’s important to monitor what’s being said about you or your brand. Below is a list of different options you can use to assist you in handling abusers.

  • Private Message – You can always try to use communication first to resolve an issue or assist the person. They may not know that they are using improper etiquette. Although if they do know then go to your next option.
  • Hide – Depending on the network you're on, some give you the ability to hide connections posts that you don’t want others to see.
  • Remove/Delete – You can always remove the person from your network and to avoid any hostile moments if there are any, you can let them know your re-organizing your network. Some networks, you don’t have to give a reason, beause the other person isn’t notified that they had been removed.
  • Response Positively – Sometimes it’s just good conversation, different opinions or thoughts on a matter. Just remember to keep it flowing with positive responses.  Remember if it seems like its getting to be a bitter discussion, be nice, professional, and end the conversation.

Some Resources To Help Learn More About Social Media Etiquette

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