I Love WordPress! Today, I’ll be sharing my creative WordPress tips that can help you increase your website engagement in 2020 to impress your website visitors. When you think about WordPress usage, about 34% of websites worldwide were created using WordPress. WOW! 

That’s 1 in every 3 websites created used WordPress and the many plugins or themes available to its users. To have a creative WordPress website, it’s essential to have engagement built-in so that you can interact with your website visitors. There are 3 areas which are important when it comes to engagement:

  • First impression
  • Last impression
  • Ongoing impression

As I share my creative WordPress tips, it might be a good idea for you to have a pen and paper handy. That way, you can make a list of your favorite WordPress secrets and then integrate them into your website.

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Creative WordPress Tips: First Impression

The first of the creative WordPress secrets is “First Impression”. It’s the feeling or perception your website visitors have when at first arriving on your website. The key to the First Impression is that it relays your website message clearly.

To help you remember how to craft a great First Impression, let’s use the word F.I.R.S.T. as an acronym:

  • unForgettable: make it stick in their mind. 
  • Innovative: create imaginative design and content
  • Remarkable: impressive content and images
  • Significant: meaningful information that draws in your visitors
  • Timely: relevant information that meets the needs of your visitors

To create a unique First Impression, you should have a custom homepage with an inspiring and informative header at the top of your website. Your header should include your business name, at least one issue your website can help your visitors, and a key statement of how you can guide them to the solution for their issue.

Creative WordPress Tips: Last Impression

Next, we are going to cover the “Last Impression” because it also ties into the First Impression. Just like the first impression is important, so is the last impression. When someone is about to leave your website, what can you do to encourage your website visitors to remember you?

For the Last Impression, you can build in a lead generation section on your website. Things like an exit-intent popup or a banner that can display across the top or bottom of your website. Either choice is an opportunity for you to ask your website visitors for their email/name in exchange for a free gift.

According to OptinMonster,

…Regardless of how you feel about popups, data shows that exit popups work really well. When you implement an exit-intent® popup on your site, you could recover 53% of abandoning visitors

With this in mind, let’s brainstorm about exit-intent popups that you could integrate into your website. Here are a few ideas and feel free to leave comments regarding your ideas too.

  • Share related blog posts
  • Offer a discount for your products or services
  • Giveaway a freebie like an image pack
  • If you need beta readers, ask for volunteers
  • Create a freebie that shares your favorite do-it-ma-gig-a

Whatever you decide to go for an exit-intent popup, make sure that you add value to their experience on your website. If you need assistance getting this setup, please feel free to contact my team. Our team would love to work with you.


Creative WordPress Tips: Ongoing Impression

So the “Ongoing Impression” is based on the lasting feelings or thoughts of your web visitors. Do they get the vibe that you will be a great resource worth checking out periodically? Or will your website be discarded?

To ensure that your website visitors return, it’s essential for you to make sure they have a great experience on your website. Think about the ways you can add value to your site visitors. Come on, you can do it! Create a list of 5 ways you can make a lasting impression on your site visitors.

Just in case you can’t think of any, here are 7 suggestions for you from Keap,

  1. Fulfill your headline’s promise
  2. Create more scannable content
  3. Add a call-to-action at the end of each post
  4. Customize your thank you pages with helpful content
  5. Use engaging videos
  6. Reduce page loading time
  7. Use an exit-intent popup

This is a great list and should help you start creating an “Ongoing Impression” for your website visitors.

Final thoughts…

My goal has been to help you learn more about lasting impressions and giving your website visitors a reason to return. Got thoughts to share about this topic? Please feel free to leave a comment. Want my team to work with you to get these tips set up on your website? Then complete the Request Quote form.

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