Don’t Just Market Anywhere, Market Your Target Customers

Every business owner wants to reach their target customers; however, just marketing anywhere and everywhere won’t get you the customers you’re looking for. It may bring you a small group of customers but not enough to make up for the time and the cost it took you to reach them. Continuously doing this, may not give you the results you are looking for.

This is why having target customers is more beneficial to your business.  Having a target market that will benefit from using your product or services and those who need your products or services, these customers make up your target customers list. Next comes the questions, “how can you determine who they are?” and “how to reach them?” Let me explain in further detail on both of these questions.

How to Determine Your Target Market

When you start to determine who your target market is, you need to identify who your target market is. This will allow you to find what opportunities you can use and establish a marketing plan to reach those target customers in your target market. It is absolutely necessary to find the correct balance after you have defined your target customers, so they realize you’re talking to them. Also, there is nothing wrong with honing into one area of your business that you’re an expert on and using this in your target market strategy. There are ways you can determine who your target market is. Write down questions about that will assist you in being to determine and fine tune who your target market is. Take a look at the list below, this will give you an idea on how to start the determination process.

  • Who will benefit from my products or services?
  • Where can I find these target customers?
  • What geographic locations do I want to focus on?
  • What industry or occupation would benefit from my business?

Reaching Your Target Market

Once you are able to determine just who your target customers are, you will want to come up with a marketing strategy to help you reach those customers.  By knowing your target customers and how to reach them, this will help you to create a more effective marketing strategy. Customers like and appreciate content that is relevant to them, something they would like to know or that will assist them. It will show them that you’re an expert in your area and why they should choose your business to work with. There are several places and ways you can reach your target customers both online and offline.

  • Social Media Sites – post helpful tips, ideas, strategies, and even products or services you have to offer.
  • Help and Tip Forums – Being helpful to others shows them that you are an expert in that field and more times than not, they will come back to you for more help.
  • Local Community Events – Joining local events will help you network with others and let them know what you do.
  • Blog About What You Know – Writing blogs about how to do things, information on specific topics, etc.
  • Share Information – When you come across information that will help your target customers share it with them. This lets them know that you care and want to help.


Below is a list of links that can help you to know about more about this topic. Find the best way that works for you to determine and reach your target market. Then you will be on your way to success!

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