When it comes to building your email marketing strategy and list, you want people who will be active. There are ways to buy followers, but those followers are going to be dead-weight, a simple number. Organically growing your email marketing strategy, means that you are going to have members on your list, who WANT to be there. These members will be the ones taking action, clicking through the links that you share, and engaging with you.

As you set forth to grow your list, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. No matter where you are starting, your email list can rise to new heights. Use these tips to build and nurture your email marketing list.

First, start out with a good CRM (Customer-Relationship Management) tool. We have been using ActiveCampaign for our email marketing. Finding something that is easy, and allows you to build on it is essential. Build your newsletters and email marketing into one place! Place tags on your emails and allow users to be added to lists within your list. You can conduct A/B testing as well. Find out what works the best with simple steps!

Use Social Media To Capture Leads

Social Media is an integral part of what we do on a daily basis. Everyone uses social media to an extent. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and G+, are among those actively used by professionals. These platforms have allowed for more targeted social media. Capturing a lead by using social media is not rocket science. All you need is a well-crafted message, publish to the desired platform, and engagement. If you are not getting any engagement on your posts, re-craft your message and try again. Tools such as Quuu or Tailwind are great to use to schedule out your posts months in advance. All you have to do is share new posts into your rotation as you move forward.

When you engage with the users that are coming to your posts, you are building a rapport. Answering questions is a start to creating a more lasting relationship with potential clients. However, don’t forget to use social media to market your email list as well! You want to bring awareness to what they are missing. Using a compelling Call to Action, or CTA in your social media will ensure that there is engagement with your posts. Sharing your blogs, uplifting posts, and simple “snare” posts will help to add engagement to your site. If you share something funny, users might comment and share. When building a social media strategy, always have your goals in mind.

  • What do you want to get out of social media?
  • Do you have a strategy built around your social media?
  • Are you networking with other professionals?
  • Set a time frame, and a goal that you want to see. Numbers, engagement, etc. are all goals that can be set for a social media strategy.

Know How To Share On Social Media Effectively

When sharing your blog posts on social media, you want to be sure to not give away the body of the blog in your message. Entice your users with the want to click the link that you share. A simple message of “new info here” is not going to reach many users. These might generate a few clicks, but crafting messages such as “WOW! New information has just been released that could severely impact your business. Read more about it here….” will get more interaction. You are telling them that there is BRAND NEW information, as well as possible consequences for a business they might run.

To retain those that are reading your blogs, you might want to add a link or a pop-up that will ask them to sign up for your monthly newsletter. When they do so, you have just effectively added a new user to your email marketing, using social media. You can also market your newsletter on social platforms, and get users to sign up that way.

Using Your WordPress Blog To Build Your Email List

Coupled with social media, using your blog to build your list goes hand in hand. When you share your blog post on social media, they will click the link to head to your blog. Having a pop-up built in that asks them to subscribe to your email list is an easy way to capture your leads. However, there should always be a CTA in the blogs. These can differ for each blog, but there should be something that prompts users to do more.

  • Do you want them to share the information?
  • Should they click a link to sign up for your email list?
  • Are the social media channels you frequent listed somewhere that users can engage with you?
  • Is there a question posed in the blog that they can leave a comment with their answer?

Be Consistent With New Content

Using your WordPress blog to help grow your email marketing is a FREE and effective strategy. As you create new and consistent content, you will have users who are interested in your content returning. In the monthly newsletters that are being sent out, you can share upcoming information, new blog posts, and so much more! You always want to promise more. This will keep users coming back to your site, opening your emails, and engaging with you.

In addition to sharing blog posts through a monthly newsletter, using Quuu Promote can help get more eyes on your content. If your post is accepted by Quuu Promote, it will go to an even wider audience, which means more eyes on your content.

Keeping your content on a rotation means that you can continue to get new eyes on work that you have already done. Linking back to your website, via contact forms and other information in your blogs can help bring awareness to other services that you have.

Why Email Marketing Makes Sense

You might be asking why do I need email marketing. It is simple. There is so much information floating around the web that it can be easy to miss information. Even the most popular pages have posts that are not seen as much as others, due to the massive amount of content that is pushed out on the internet daily. By building and maintaining your email marketing list, you are helping to target another aspect of online surfing – the email inbox. Most people check their email several times per day. It is one of the first things done in the morning, and usually one of the last things done before leaving work or going to bed.

Having catchy and effective marketing can lead to more click rates. If you are marketing effectively, you will see higher conversion rates. Whether you are sharing a new blog post, catching up on what might have been missed on social, or beginning to market a new product, email marketing can be effective when used correctly. No one wants an annoying email. Stick with your branding, so that when people open an email, they know immediately that it is from you. If you change colors to often, it can get confusing.

If you need some help getting your email marketing strategy set up, contact us today! We look forward to helping you grow your business and your email list!

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