Using Social Media To Find Target Customers

Everyone wants the same things for their business, to grow visibility and to find their target customer. Being a Social Media Strategist, Social Media Coach and a Social Media Consultant, I enjoy teaching business owners and others how to grow visibility using social media and how to find their target customer using social media. Today, I would like to share some information with you on using social media to find your target customer and grow visibility using your social media influence.

The Benefits of Using Social Media

Think about this, before there were social media, a business owner would have to rely on specific marketing avenues like television, radio, and newspapers. Not only could this be very costly but it can also limit your marketing techniques to reach your target customers, which is no longer sufficient. From my experience, social media has really transformed the way people stay connected with each other. From connecting with new friends and business contacts, sharing photos, ideas, and opinions with the world at large.

Social Media Categories and Tips

With several social media categories: social sharing, microblogging, professional networks, video sharing, social measuring, blogs, social email, content-driven communities, social networking sites, and so on, it has really simplified the process for every small business using social media to grow visibility while attracting target customers. Reaching your target customer over the internet has several things you can do; I have listed several steps/ ideas that you can use can use to help you to find and keep a target customer:

  • Create a website – keep it updated and make sure it’s easy to navigate through.
  • Change information/photos frequently – this entices the target customer to come back.
  • Send out weekly news updates – this can be as simple as an email or create an e-zine full of tips.
  • Decide what your main product/service is going to be – choose the one that you feel target customers need most.
  • Concentrate on the benefits of the product/service you chose – it’s absolutely necessary if you want a successful marketing campaign.
  • Find out who your target customer is – this will help you layout a steady and effect plan, which can increase your responses.
  • Study your target customer – you can do this by using search engines to seek out surveys of target customers in different segments.
  • Social Media Sites – As I mentioned above you have to have an idea about their social media habits
  • Collaborate with other Networks, Groups, and Associations – Only if they are connected to your target customer
  • Join Communities – Search for places your target customer might be members of and socialize, interact with discussions, let them get to know you. “Like, Know, and Trust,” these are keywords of the utmost importance. If your target customer doesn’t have that for you, you just lost a target customer.

Social Media is the Perfect Place to Find Target Customers

Social media is around us everywhere we go on the internet. To ignore it is impossible because targeted marketing used to connect with idea customers has really evolved and continues to do so. Taking the time to spend networking, connecting, and communicating while you’re focused on your target customer, can be very beneficial. So today here is a little homework for yourself, once you complete this I am sure you will have a better understanding of your target customer. Take a half an hour or so not as the business owner but as a target customer and think about what product/service you would want. From a customer’s standpoint, answer the simple questions below.

Which one would be most beneficial for you to use?  And, why?

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