Taking charge of your WordPress website may be a dream come true for some. Having the ability to make changes as you need to your site can be a hope fulfilled.

Not everyone wants to maintain their own sites, and that is okay. We are here for you too if you decide to outsource this service to us.

However, for you DIY'ers out there, WordPress training for entrepreneurs is perfect for you! Learn, build, and expand your site all by following our simple and straightforward training.

WordPress Training for Entrepreneurs

We want to share the story of Jerrilynn and why she's thankful for the WordPress training for entrepreneurs that we provide. Basically, you can delve into the training on your time. Also, this training is built with busy entrepreneurs in mind, so you can utilize this training around working your business. We understand how important your business is.

No one wants to sit through hours of training in the middle of the day. By using the Pamper Your Business Training Hub, you can go through the lessons on your time! WordPress is so much fun to use!

Jerrilynn put the WordPress training for entrepreneurs to use as she created her latest website that you will learn about later. By using what she learned, she was able to expand and build her site with ease.

Get Acquainted With Our Training:

  • Pamper My Business – This starting point gives you free resources, as well as a starting point to get your business going in the right direction.
  • Website Monthly Club – Join our monthly club and get exclusive training, guided coaching, and access to the chat, where you can ask questions and get answers from our team.
  • Private Strategy Session – Stuck with your website? Bring your questions, and let us help you! We can give you an in-depth overview of your site, and provide you with a plan to move your business forward smoothly.

Interview with Jerrilynn on WordPress Training for Entrepreneurs

Question 1. Why did you want to learn more about WordPress?

I wanted to be in control of my web presence instead having to wait for someone to perform updates and add content. In actuality, it makes good business sense to learn how to manage WordPress even if you have someone managing it for you. You need to understand what it is that you are paying someone to do.

Question 2. What problem did you have before you learned about WordPress?

I had to wait for things to be done to my website. Whether it was putting my site in maintenance mode, finding plugins, adding RSS feeds, etc., I was dependent on you.

Question 3. How did my WordPress coaching help prepare you to create and manage your own website?

It empowered me. You helped me learn a new skill. Because of you, I can help my daughter with her WordPress site. Kim, you and I have been through numerous websites together. Each website has stretched my knowledge due to you constantly changing where you get your themes from as well as the numerous WordPress versions. My current website project using Divi is a perfect example of your coaching skills.

At first, I was hesitant to learn how to use Divi. I let you set up the first test pages. You finally took it upon yourself to show me how browse the numerous themes to find the modules that interested me. Then you showed me to copy and paste them into an existing theme to modify it. To make sure I felt comfortable using Divi, you made a video that showed you doing it step by step.

Since then, I have spread my creative wings and ventured out on my own by combining features from several different Divi themes.

Question 4. What were some of the ways that I helped you learn WordPress?

Trial and error are the first things that come to mind. You let me mess up to reinforce your lessons. As you know, I love plugins. The side effects of too many plugins are bogging down your site and crashing it due to incompatibility. You saved me numerous times. I used to panic.

Now I know how to log in and turn off the faulty plugins. In actuality, you sometimes trick me into learning. I get rewarded with new tools if I master the lesson you are teaching me. I don't think of you as a coach. I consider you to be one of my collaborative business partners.

Question 5. How were you able to use what you learned to create and monetize your website?

You always seem to be on top of trends in websites. Every website we've created together has been a blend of my collaborative marketing creativity and your website expertise. While the sites are under construction, we discuss my endgame along with the problems I want to solve.

I've learned that a website has to tell the story of a product or service. It should be a “brochure” that highlights all of the key features along with tips on how to use them. I have implemented everything from on-site networking events, paid content submission and distribution, banner ads and directory listings to monetize my sites.

Question 6. Tell us about you: Who are you? What do you do? How can people find you online?

I am a woman on a mission to spread the message about the financial benefits of collaborative marketing partnerships. If more women joined forces to market together, there would be more female millionaires than men.

I create a high profile large scale collaborative marketing projects with LinkedIn as the “backdrop” that busy business and professional women from a wide range of industries can plug their businesses into.

My vision is to be the catalyst that changes the way women view and use LinkedIn for business collaboration to grow their sales and support each other so they can build multi-million dollar ventures. I am working with Kim to launch SmartWomenPartner.com before December 9, 2018.

Question 7. What was the most important thing that you gained during your learning experience?

I gained a new skill that I can monetize. I am able to manage the back end of a WordPress site. There are so many busy businesswomen who can benefit from outsourcing the management of content being published on their blog and shared on social media, having their widgets updated with fresh content, having someone upload ads and videos, etc. Would I ever offer such a service? No, I would just outsource the project to Kim. 🙂

Pamper Your Business Today

With 2019 getting ready to roll around, this is the perfect time to pamper your business. Jerrilynn showed us just how easy the WordPress training for entrepreneurs was to implement. There are many different areas of training that you can take advantage of. From WordPress beginner to professionals, this training will help to revamp and energize your site. From start to finish, utilizing the WordPress training for entrepreneurs can help to breathe some new life into your site. Take advantage of the 1 on 1 strategy call to ask questions and gain some new direction.

Using the WordPress training for entrepreneurs can make your 2019 start off merry and bright. Get started with ease today!

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