Have you ever wondered how you could use LinkedIn to grow your visibility online? Then I have a great resource for you that has 5 tips to help you. I’ve been using LinkedIn since 2005 but have only seen the value in growing my presence there recently. It’s more than just a place to hold information. You should look at it as a social media tool to grow your visibility and connect with target customers.

In the diagram below, you see the four areas that can assist you in growing your LinkedIn presence using social media. Keep in mind that you should create a strategic plan to manage your social media efforts. Are you using all of the areas in your social media efforts? Want to learn more about creating a strategic social media plan? Then check out the Social Media Mastermind by clicking here.

In an article by David, he shares “5 SEO Tips for your LinkedIn Profile” that will help you learn how to use LinkedIn efficiently. The video below includes a few tips that incorporate tips about LinkedIn that can be used to increase your presence on LinkedIn & in search engine results.