There are many writers, bloggers, creatives, and businesses that just don’t see how valuable building a list of email subscribers. For many, email is a dying way of connecting with people in the past. This is far from the truth, as email is proven as one of the most innovative ways of growing a business, even today, let's learn how you can increase your email subscribers and start building your list.

Email allows you to engage with people who have a vested and engaged interest in your brand, and for them to subscribe when they’re just that, engaged with you and your offerings. Email allows you to target various groups of people based on which list you promoted to them, where, and when. You also own an email list, unlike social media followers and is even more personal than a social media feed.

You know how email is so vital and important, here are some powerful ploys to increase valuable email subscribers that you should put into practice right now.

Multiple Subscription Forms

A crucial step in any email marketing is spreading out a number of your email forms and where they are. Having one subscription form in your sidebar widget area isn’t going to cut it. Add forms to landing pages, at the end of blog posts, slide-ins with a call to action resource or subscription bars.

Thrive Leads and Thrive Optimize are two excellent WordPress plugins to increase subscription rates, get more customers, and build your brand reach through email subscribers.

Offer Unique Resources to Email Subscribers

A severely underused strategy that works effectively, offering a unique value proposition. You’re offering a valuable and unique resource at the cost of just an email address. This gets people interested in the topic of your product, as well as ends with them giving you their email address. You now have an intently engaged prospect and their email address, all based on a hub of email subscribers ready to listen.

Ebooks, mini-courses, PDF resources, infographics, exclusive content, and videos. The potential list of resources you can offer to your subscribers is endless.

Use Social Media Opt-Ins

Social media sites like Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook allow you to add a call to action to your social media account to build your email list. This will help your fans subscribe to you via email, and engage non-followers in a personal way outside of social media into email subscribers.

Implement an Exit Intent Subscriber

Important subscribers may be interested in your product, but once they leave your page once something else distracts them you lose their engagement without an email address. An exit intent subscriber tracks when a website visitor may be leaving and sends a pop-up with a discount or valuable resource to gain their attention back.

These can also be set up to not have a nuisance on your regular visitors and already subscribed customers, as using a form like this should be limited to specific use cases to not be a hinder.

Be Creative and Test What Works for You

Be creative implementing these steps and you will positively see an increase in engagement and subscription rates for your email subscribers list. A/B testing your email opt-in forms will also be valuable in testing which strategies work best for your business and products. If you’re looking for some tools for growing your WordPress site, take a look at 5 Awesome Tools for Excelling Your Website Growth.

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