Since 2007, Twitter has been giving us an opportunity to connect, communicate, and collaborate with other virtually. Business owners can use Twitter as an extension of their business in order to connect with their target customers.

Although it has been around for a while, there are some business owners who haven’t taken the opportunity to incorporate Twitter into their social media efforts. If this is you, I want to encourage you to take a second look at how you can grow your visibility using Twitter.

Why should you use Twitter?

  • Quick way to interact with your target customers
  • Keeping up with your industry experts as they share relevant information
  • Communicating your marketing message
  • Connecting with your peers
  • Being interviewed during Twitter chats which can help brand you as an industry expert
  • To monitor the latest news

What are some of the benefits to using Twitter?

  • Ability to participate in industry conversations
  • Build brand awareness around you and your business
  • Research & gain competitive intelligence
  • Easy way to promote your marketing efforts online

How can you get started with growing your visibility on Twitter?

  • Create your account by visiting Twitter.
  • Add your profile picture that is consistent within all of your social media profiles
  • Make sure that you add your Location
  • Include your website domain name
  • Use keywords and a link to a targeted marketing campaign in your Bio
  • Connect with industry experts then start communicating with them
  • Look for opportunities to create joint ventures with your peers