Being productive in 2018 is all about using the right technology and tools to your advantage while learning how to manage your time. With these top 12 productivity tips, getting rid of your old habits and growing your business is easy. Try the following productivity tips out for yourself and make 2018 your most productive year to date!

1. Make Time for You

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One of the most overlooked productivity tips, but also one of the most important, is to remember to make time for yourself. Make well-being a priority for you and your employees with reminders to take a break every once in awhile. Getting enough sleep, eating right, exercising, and making time for the things you enjoy are great places to start. The happier and healthier you are in life, the more productive you can be at work.

2. Streamline Your Communications

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When it comes to communicating with your team, make sure you're not using confusing email or text messages as this can be your downfall. When you deal with scattered conversations that are spread across multiple messages on a variety of platforms, you risk losing vital information. Instead, you can minimize confusion by using a team messaging tool that allows you to communicate in real time, keeping all your conversations succinct and organized in one convenient online hub.

3. Synergize Your Workflow

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One of the best ways to synergize your workflow is to find a productivity app that works for you. Working with several different teams can become overwhelming because everyone is using different tools to manage their workflow. Whether it’s a place to keep documents, communicate, track productivity or assign tasks, make sure to find a tool that incorporates all of these things in one place. This will definitely help to synergize your workflow and boost your productivity.

4. Make Collaboration Easy

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Collaboration with your team shouldn’t be hard. If your team is remote, getting all of your heads together can be a challenge. Collaboration is essential for creating innovative ideas and growing your business, which is why it’s a top productivity tip of 2018. In order to ensure that your collaboration process is simple, make sure you have the right tools.

Some things to consider are screen sharing, video chat, real-time messaging, task management, and document collaboration. After you find the right tools for your business, it’s best to schedule a set of times to meet with your team and collaborate. It’s easier to come up with great ideas and be productive when you’re all working together.

5. Be Mobile Ready

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Making sure that all of the tools you use to work, collaborate, and organize your documents are available on mobile can really help to boost your productivity. Sometimes you need to do work on the go, take a call while you’re commuting, or finish a project on your tablet. When your workflow is mobile optimized it can make it easier for you and your remote employees to be more productive anytime, any place.

6. Plan Ahead

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This may seem self-evident, but you can never put too much emphasis on planning ahead. Whether it’s scheduling out your work week the Sunday before or laying out a meeting agenda, planning ahead will help you to be more prepared and more productive. Try using an online, collaborative calendar so you can schedule all of your meetings, collaboration sessions, and also note the times when you won’t be available to work. Have your employees do the same so you’re all on the same page when it comes to meetings and deadlines.

7. Schedule Weekly Catch-up Meetings

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If you aren’t already doing weekly catch-up meetings, then you need to get started! A regularly scheduled meeting syncs your team and makes sure everyone has visibility on projects. Weekly catch ups also help you dodge over-communication and meeting overload. When you have scheduled and frequent catch up calls you can avoid feeling overwhelmed, make sure everyone is on the same page, and stay up to date on your team’s progress.

8. Take Frequent Breaks

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It’s important to not overwork yourself or your employees. Taking frequent breaks throughout the day can actually boost productivity by allowing your mind to rest while avoiding the feeling of being overwhelmed. Try setting a timer on your phone to remind you to take a 15-minute break every hour. This break could be anything from getting up from your desk, taking a walk, or making a cup of coffee. The idea is to get your mind away from your work so you can come back with a fresh perspective and renewed motivation.

9. Get Organized with a Homebase

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It can be difficult to be productive if you spend a good portion of your time searching for certain documents or files. Getting organized with a home base can help you save time and always know where the things you need are. A home base is essentially a place where everyone can access the latest versions of projects and documents and easily share them. Try to find a home base that is incorporated into other productivity tools so you can streamline your workflow and maximize productivity.

10. Do Important Tasks First

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It’s easy to put off doing important tasks first because it seems like too much work or the pressure to complete it is too great. In reality, when we get the important tasks out of the way, they aren’t weighing us down and the rest of the day can be more productive. You can make sure you’re doing the important tasks first by keeping a schedule of deadlines at hand. Whenever you sit down to work, take a glance at the tasks that are due the soonest and get started on those first.

11. Avoid Multitasking

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It may seem logical to think that multi-tasking means you can get more done at once. What really happens when you multi-task is that you get overwhelmed, lose focus, and end up taking more time than you would have originally. When it comes to multitasking, avoid it at all costs. Instead, put all of your focus and energy into one project. That way you not only end up with better quality work, but you save yourself time while doing it.

12. Outsource Your Workload

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Final Note About Productivity Tips

Whether it’s website management, blogging, social media, or customer service, outsourcing some of your workload is a great way to boost your productivity. When you hire professionals to take care of the more technical aspects of your business, you are left with more time to focus on growing your business and doing the things you love. Not only can outsourcing save you time and money, but it can save you from stress and overworking yourself.

Being productive is all about prioritizing, making time for you, and finding the right tools and the right people to help you. With these top 12 productivity tips, there’s nothing stopping you from growing your business and getting more work done in 2018.

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