Have you ever wondered how you can capture the attention of your website visitors? Well, the answer is by integrating live chat into your website. Live chat can help you communicate instantly with your visitors and even encourage them to take action on your website.

For my own website, I've chosen to research different live chat software. During my research, I kept several things in mind as I made my comparisons. There were seven major things that were must haves:

  • Ease of installation
  • Ease of use
  • Ability to use on more than one website (I have 4 websites)
  • Capable of keeping the website separate when communicating
  • Can make the look/design custom to each website
  • Can capture names and emails
  • Instant communication

After my comparison research, I finally decided that Jivochat met all of my needs. Now I've installed it on all of my websites and I'm loving my experience. In this article, I will share with you why I picked Jivochat, how it benefited my business, and why I think it’s a great chat software!

Why did I choose Jivochat for integrating live chat?

Good question and the best answer I can say is that it fits perfectly into meeting all my needs and helping me convert website visitors into paying customers. Let's take a look at some of the features of Jivochat that helped my business create a higher conversion rate and better customer service.

Integrating Live Chat for Websitesintegrating live chat - kim beasley - increase business visibility

Jivochat’s live chat feature is beautifully designed and works on any device or browser. It also translates your chat into 20 different languages! This customizable and simple to use chat feature allowed me to better communicate with my customers.

Facebook Integration

This Jivochat feature is really cool because it allows you to engage with your customers via Facebook Messenger. I never have to worry about switching between windows or possibly losing customers because Jivochat sends all my business’ Facebook messages directly to Jivochat!

Mobile SDK

This is an awesome feature that Jivochat offers that allows you to focus on service quality and customer’s issues so you can gain traction for your mobile app. Jivo SDK even comes with a ready to use customizable chat so you can communicate with your customers via your app.

API for Developers

Jivochat provides developers with two toolkits for integration including the widget JavaScript API for the client side, and the Webhooks API for the server side.


One of my favorite parts of Jivochat is that I can easily integrate it into a variety of tools including WordPress and Google Analytics. This makes my life a whole lot easier and it makes my customers happy when I’m always there to chat!.

Why I love JivoChat & How it Benefits My Business

I love using Jivochat for my four different websites because it’s easy to install, simple to use and allows me to customize it for each website. Jivochat even captures my visitors' emails and names so I have their contact information for future use. Jivochat has definitely helped me to turn more of my sites’ visitors into customers. I've also been able to get access to new customers and communicate with existing ones easier and more quickly. By integrating live chat into my websites, I've realized that building relationships with my customers through chatting is increasing my sales and visibility. 

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