Reputation Is Everything

The way you talk to others, how you dress, and your opinions on different matters, your manners, everything about you determine the picture you paint about you and your business reputation.  A combination of your morals and other traits that you have, show others what kind of person you are.

It’s your way of create a yard sale sign online that speaks volumes about you. Your online reputation allows others to create their own opinion of who they think you are and in turn they may share their opinion on social media.

What does “Online Reputation” Mean?

Everything you do and say online has an impact on your reputation as a person and as a business owner. With your target customers using the internet daily, it is important that the message you communicate is positive and helpful.  When someone wants to know more about you or about your business, they may search for information via a search engine like Google or other place on the internet that may host information. Learning how to manage your online reputation, can help your business grow as well as protect you in the long run.

How Important is Managing Your “Online Reputation”?

As a person and a business owner, it’s crucial to manage your online reputation. People want to know they can count on you and trust you. Creating a good presence online will enhance you and your business; it will gain you respect and recognition. That can also draw business your way when you have a positive reputation. You need to keep the good presence going to ensure your online reputation stays positive.

What Tools and Apps Can You Use To Manage Your “Online Reputation?

In creating a good presence and maintaining it, you have to manage how the internet world perceives you. All it takes is one negative post or a few negative comments to begin to ruin the positive presence you have built. There are tools and apps out there and things you can do to manage and maintain your online reputation.

  • Write good content regularly – doing so will keep the positive presence up pushing negative feedback farther down in the search engines
  • Use Deleteme Mobile App – this is designed to protect personal information from data tracking, data collecting, etc.
  • Use social media management tool to monitor presence – you can use tools such at Hootsuite, Sprout Social, or Onlywire to monitor your presence. These tools can provide statistics and information about the characteristic of your target customers.

A unique way for you to use Google search is the Google Me on The Web  feature which is part of the Google Dashboard. It allows you to set up search monitoring for your name/your business, helps you remove negative content, etc. See the image below for more details or click here to visit your Google Dashboard if you have a Google account. The links below do not work in the image. To find out more about the links, visit your Google Dashboard.

Online Resources:

Below are a few resources that may provide you additional opportunities to learn more about online reputation.

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