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Agape3 Business Services (A3BS) is focused on providing you a one-stop shop when it comes to your online and offline solutions. Whether you need training or hardware or even software, we can meet your needs. Let's get started today!
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Build and Develop WordPress Websites

  • Develop and Implement WordPress development Strategies.
  • Customize WordPress development Services.
  • WordPress websites designing and maintenance.
  • HTML / PSD WordPress Integration.
  • Building and Developing WordPress Online Stores.
  • Manage and Maintain WordPress Add-ons.


  • Maintain and track up to date information on traffic and insights to your site.
  • Manage and monitor for changes in analytic trends and social sites.
  • Send weekly reports on data from your website to include organic keywords, blog views, social media, and bounce rates.


  • Set Up Google Analytics.
  • Optimize pages and products on dealer’s site to meet current search engine optimization guidelines.
  • Optimize the dealer's website to rank higher in search engines under specific keywords.
Ad Management

Ad Management

  • Facebook marketing
  • Twitter marketing
  • LinkedIn marketing
  • Manage Adwords or Paid Per Click (PPC) type ads.
  • Develop and manage ad placement using social media or Adwords to increase market awareness.


  • Create a blog post for the site’s blog.
  • Implement an editorial calendar.
  • Implement a strategy to drive traffic to the dealer’s site through blogging.

Content Management

  • Create custom pages (i.e., Homepage, About, Services, etc.).
  • Build product catalog for manufacturers outside of Steelcase.
  • Modify DealerWeb template to meet design preference of dealer.
  • Implement web communication strategy.
  • Collaborate with dealership staff to select and organize content that fits their market and business model.
Social Media

Social Media

  • Manage social media profiles and business pages.
  • Set Up Social Media Profiles and prepare to be shared.
  • Manage the dealership’s complete social media presence.
  • Oversee the development of social sites and growth.
  • Implementing social media strategy to grow dealer’s visibility and drive traffic to a website.
  • Schedule/manage posts to social media and engage on social media to grow connections with followers.
  • Optimize social media personal profiles/pages.
  • Build and Maintain Social Media Profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+).
  • Optimize the content text and images for social media profiles or/and pages for your business.
  • Optimize social media accounts with keywords and to get connected to target customers and market.
Service Options

Service Options

  • We offer three levels of Contract Services: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Contact us for more information on each of these time-saving plans.
  • For hourly support, please contact us for more information.
Remote Team

Remote Team Services


Start building a foundation for the remote team that will support your business.


Continue building by creating a strategy for your remote team. You will define the 5 W’s: Why, Why, When, Where, and How.


Dete3rmine how much you can allocate to hire a remote team.


Incorporate ways for your team to stay in communication and get connected.


Documenting the way you do things within your business and when working with your remote team help you stay organized.


An easy way to save time is by automating your processz.


Managing time is essential because it affects all the other areas, as well as all the other areas, affects it.

Email & Desk Support

  • Manage and update email lists with current information.
  • Monitor help desk to assist in resolving issues with WordPress Websites.
  • Train, Advise, and Educate on WordPress Themes and Options for your employees.


  • Ensures that web pages appear correctly on all browsers, devices and screen sizes.
  • Ensures usability across all devices.
  • Promotes end-user satisfaction.


  • Develop, implement, and maintain brand strategies.
  • Build effective communications strategies on the dealer’s website.
  • Manage brand on social media and press releases.
  • Manage online reputation which includes Twitter and/or Facebook.

Brand & Influencer Marketing

  • Develop, implement, and maintain brand strategies.
  • Build effective communications strategies on the dealer’s website.
  • Manage brand on social media and press releases.
  • Manage online reputation which includes Twitter and/or Facebook.
  • Brand & Influencer Marketing
  • Manage company branding and growing presence on social media websites.
  • Developing a relationship with industry leaders to increase business & product visibility.
  • Increasing brand awareness on social media websites using tools such as video marketing, Twitter chats, Groups, pages, etc.

Brand Your Business

Pamper My Business

Do you remember the movie BIG that starred Tom Hanks? Think about the scene where he played the big piano in the toy store. He started playing it all by himself. Then he was joined by Robert Loggia who helped him play a couple of songs on the piano as a duet. Looks like they had fun! One small step for your business can get you started for FREE today with Pamper My Business (PMB) Essentials. By choosing to sign up for this free course, you will gain FREE access to the following PMB solutions:
  • Podcast audios and videos
  • Presentations that are downloadable
  • Checklist and Cheatsheet to help you with your learning journey
Check out all of Pamper My Business products below to make the best choice for branding your business!

Which Pamper My Business product is right for you?

When you choose to get started with Pamper My Business (PMB) Essentials, you are taking one small step for you and a giant leap for your business! Our elite training and coaching provide you with the assurance that you are not alone as you build your business brand identity online.
Many business owners struggle with building their business identity online and look for online business courses to solve this issue. We have a process that helps you clarify your business identity online. This will allow you to brand your business so that you can be seen online and sell to your target customers online.
Are you stuck trying to get your WordPress website set up? Have you run into a roadblock while designing your WordPress website? Do you want to learn some tips, tricks, and techniques that can help you better manage your WordPress website? Book a Private Strategy Session to clear up your concerns!
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