WordPress is by far one of the most flexible platforms for managing content, growing an audience, building business visibility, and growing your online business. But what about security? WordPress security plugins are a necessity due to websites constantly needing to be protected from being hacked.

Why you need WordPress security plugins

This is because of security vulnerabilities that may occur due to hackers finding holes in WordPress. However, just with any online platform or website software that's available, hackers and criminals sometimes find these vulnerabilities.

There are many additional security issues you may have with your site, beyond what just comes with WordPress as-is. We generally all install an unofficially supported plugin, theme, or customization to our sites. After all, the flexibility and customization that WordPress offers is one of the many reasons that makes it great. However, that can come with some security concerns.  With the right precautions, knowledge, and tools – you can do your best to beat those pesky internet bad guys using WordPress security plugins.


wordpress security plugins - kim beasley - grow visibilityAt the core of WordFence out-of-box, this plugin analyzes your current WordPress installation with the official releases of WordPress to ensure your site is not already compromised, a feature that proves unique over some of the other options.

WordFence will also protect your site by blocking potentially harmful IP addresses from those digital bad guys, scanning your site for any changes that aren’t made by you, alerting you of potential concerns, and guarding your site for anything that may be awry keeping you informed on your WordPress security.

WordFence WordPress security plugins offer a limited protection for free. They also offer a premium version with all the security features they offer for a cool $99/year.

All In One WP Security

wordpress security pluginsAll In One WP Security is a great way to visual how your site is working against security holes and blocking users that are visiting to cause harm. The plugin blocks any use of your WordPress logins trying to get into your valuable WordPress dashboard, using custom links for increased security that hides WordPress from visitors, and other great prevention optimizations that you can take on for your upgraded WordPress security.

All In One WP Security is 100% free, and comes highly recommended for every WordPress site concerned on your WordPress security and ultimately preventing attacks in the first place.

JetPack WordPress Security

wordpress security pluginsAn officially built plugin by the makers of WordPress, Automattic, JetPack is all-on-one plugin that offers publishing posts remotely, monitoring visitors, blocking spam, and even protecting your site from attackers using brute force methods to get into your site.

Aside from all the primary features that improve using WordPress as a writer, blogger, and business owner, JetPack also offers improved WordPress security. The plugin even monitors your site for downtime, and instantly notifies you when your site may be in trouble. You’ll never be misinformed or uninformed again with this plugin.

Best of all, it’s an official WordPress plugin from the makers of WordPress that is 100% free.

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