It’s no secret, search engines aren’t going anywhere. Corporate SEO strategy is no longer optional, but big business often fails to capitalize on this crucial aspect of marketing. And it is crucial. So, why is it that corporations often ignore the need for SEO?

The ROI of Corporate SEO

We hear a lot of reasons and explanations for why SEO is unnecessary. But, one of the biggest is that it has no immediate or guaranteed return on investment (ROI). Nothing could be further from the truth. So, let’s take a look at the ROI of Corporate SEO and see just how important of an investment it really is.

R is for Risk . . . and Reward

In business it is essential to measure the potential risk of any undertaking. Those risks are weighed against the potential rewards, and a decision is made. When it comes to Corporate SEO, the risks outweigh the immediate rewards. But what about the long-term rewards?

SEO requires a lot of resources. You will need content writers, web developers, SEO experts, and a lot of time. Either that, or you will need to outsource to an agency with the infrastructure already in place. That agency has to understand your brand image and identity very well to craft a good Corporate SEO strategy for your company.

That’s a lot of risk, especially when allocating those resources does not ensure you will rank high enough for a sound return on the investment. So, why should a company spend money in an area with no immediate guarantee of a return?

Waiting Only Increases Your Risk

The reason is simple: There is absolutely no potential to rank without that investment. Advertising is changing, and advertising has to meet the needs of the target audience. Your target audience turns to search more and more to find what they’re looking for. The longer you wait to capitalize on this investment, the more competition you will have when attempting to rank for keywords in your industry. More competition means your costs will go up. So, the longer you wait, the more you increase your risk.

O is for Opportunity

Over 65,000 Google searches are performed every second. That’s over 3 million searches per minute! Now, when someone wants a service or product, search is the first place they go to find it. Your target audience is already on Google. If you’re not there, you’re missing out on potential conversions and brand exposure.

One complaint we often hear is that an online presence and web traffic doesn’t always equate to conversions. The truth is that SEO will only convert if you have a solid strategy backed up with good content strategy.

Strategy is the Difference Between Conversion and Wasted Effort

If you’re going to rock SEO, you need to understand how your customers convert. Do you need the long sale, or the short sale? Do your customers know what they want, or do they need information before they make a purchasing decision? The needs of your target audience are directly related to how you create your SEO strategy.

With the right strategy, a corporate SEO campaign can bring in potential customers at any point in your marketing funnel. You can capture long-term and short-term conversions, but only with the right plan and the right team to implement that plan.

I is for Image

Control of brand image is essential in marketing, and also difficult. A corporate SEO strategy not only increases your exposure in the marketplace, it also reflects well on your image. Consistently ranking high in Google and appearing on the first page of results increases authority. Meta descriptions also offer a valuable opportunity to directly speak to your target audience at the moment they are making purchasing decisions or seeking information related to your industry.

Marketing is all about being in the right place at the right time with the right message. Your company likely already invests money in valuable research to make this happen. And that is the true power behind a corporate SEO strategy: the target audience comes to you. Not only that, your advertisement is available indefinitely. It can reach people anytime, anywhere.

So, SEO is an investment that can produce a solid ROI with the right strategy and implementation. Especially when you consider that the investment is going into a campaign that is available for more than a limited amount of time. You can use SEO to deliver people into any part of your marketing funnel. From that point, it’s up to the strength of you content and sales copy to turn interest into conversion.

We would love to hear your Corporate SEO success stories! Please leave them in the comments section below.

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