How to Increase Your Social Media Engagement for 2018

In today’s increasingly digital world, it’s not enough to just post on social media every once in awhile. If you’re looking to truly increase your social media following, boost your engagement, and increase your business’ visibility, you need to step up your social media game. Luckily, stepping up your social media engagement doesn’t have to be hard. With these easy tips, you can increase your social media engagement and get your brand out there in no time.

Check Out Your Analytics

Your social media analytics are a vital part of understanding how what you’re posting is reaching people. Most social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have on-site analytics available that let you know how many views, likes, and reposts your content got. But these tools don’t always give you the most comprehensive version.

Below I’ve listed some great free tools to use and track your social media analytics:

  • Cyfe
  • Google Alerts
  • Hootsuite
  • Social Mention

You may be wondering, why do I need to track my analytics? The answer is, you should be tracking your analytics at least every week to see if what you’re posting is effective. Social media analytics lets you see what keywords people are responding to, what time of the day your posts are getting the most engagement, and what audience your posts are reaching. With this information, you can rethink your social media strategy and create more effective posts.

Get Visual—Add Digital Media

We are living in an increasingly visual world, and you need your social media to reflect this. If you’re just posting blocks of texts, you’re probably not getting a lot of engagement from your users. This is because 65 to 85 percent of people describe themselves as visual learners, meaning that they form meaning and organize thoughts based on what they see instead of what they read.

If you want to start grabbing people’s attention and increase your social media engagement, start including images or other digital media with your posts. Things like company pictures, articles with accompanying images, infographics, and text videos are all great ways to get people engaged.

Boost Social Media Engagement By Interacting With Users

Another great way to increase your social media engagement is by interacting with your users. You should have the basics down of responding to all messages you get via social media, interacting in the comments, and liking user’s comments. But that’s not enough.

To really give your social media engagement a boost, try eliciting responses from your users. Don’t just assume that your followers are going to interact by commenting, liking, or resharing just because they’ve followed you. They need you to give them that extra little push to start engaging.

Some ways you can start interacting with users is by:

  • Create a social media contest to promote your products or business
  • Post questions like, “If your life was a song what would it be?”
  • Encourage people to tag their friends in posts, “Tag someone who would do this.”

Now that you have all the tools needed to boost your social media engagement, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start posting enticing content and interacting with your users. Once you put these social media practices into place, I promise you’ll see an immediate boost in engagement.

For more ways to effectively manage your social media, check out my blog post “ “Why you should hire a professional content manager.”

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