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Fixing Your WordPress Website Issues

We Offer The Following Services

Our team knows that a lot can happen with your website which can be expected or a surprise. We want you to know that we will be there for you by providing the following services to you which will ease your worry and struggles with WordPress.


  • Installing or updating WordPress core files
  • Installing, updating, & customizing WordPress plugins
  • Developing, customizing, and installing themes
  • Creating custom content for your landing pages and blog posts
  • Improve search optimization or SEO for your website

Step 1: Plan

Planning your WordPress website project. What makes a WordPress website project successful? Why of course it is a concise plan that lays out the details for each step of developing your website.

By starting with a plan, you are setting yourself up for success. A concise plan includes defining:

  • Your team members
  • Customers needs
  • Business Expectations
  • Content management
Team Members

Having the right team members is crucial to your WordPress website design project. Because we want to ensure your success, please make sure the following key stakeholders are included on your internal team.

  • Final decision maker
  • Writer of content
  • Visual/brand approver
  • Contact person

You may need additional people depending on what services you want our team to provide.

Customer Needs

Start off with creating a list of 50 things that are essential to your WordPress website design project. Then prioritize your list in the order of importance and when they need to be complete during the project timeline.

Business expectations

We will provide a list regarding what to expect from our team and how we will interact with your team. Kim Beasley will be the website project manager and key point of contact for our team.

Content Management

While processing content management, keep in mind that it is the process  of organizing and consolidating pieces of content such as text, graphics, and multimedia.

Step 2: Design

Developing your WordPress website design. In order to develop your WordPress website design, we will create a strategy with you.

Now that you are ready to design a theme for your WordPress website design, we want to help you develop a look and feel that reflects you and your business.

  • Choosing a design
  • Selecting a theme
  • Customer design input
  • Creating test website
Choosing Design

According to WordPress.org, a theme is:

A collection of files that work together to produce a graphical interface with an underlying unifying design for a weblog. These files are called template files. A Theme modifies the way the site is displayed, without modifying the underlying software.

You determine if you want to use a ready-made theme or have a custom theme created for you as part of your WordPress Website Design. Once the direction for the design is determined, then the design process starts.

Theme Selection

A Ready-made design will include the selection of a theme that is already created. These can be found by going to Appearance >> Theme >> Add New.

However, if you would like a custom theme created, you can work with our team to use Divi to create a custom look for your website.

Customer Design Input

In the Customer design phase, it will includes milestones such as conceptual development, approvals, and updates according to feedback.

Test Website

We create a test website for you while we are developing it. Application of the chosen theme to the website for final approval with dummy content is the last step of this phase.

Step 3: Implement

Implementing your WordPress content and website. When you implement your content and website, it basically means that you add text, images, and any other content necessary to make your website look great!

Key to the implement is understand what's expected:

  • Gather content
  • Add content to website
  • Incorporate media
  • Receive final approval
Gather Content

Gather the content that you want to add to your website (text, images, and videos).

Add Content

Add content to your website which include blog posts and key pages such as Home, About, Services or Products, or Contact.

Incorporate Media

This is when we make sure to add images, graphics, and videos to encourage interaction and engage with your website.

Final Approval

Receive final approval, final payment, and make the website live.

Step 4: Get Started

Let's get started with your WordPress website design! We will create responsive and actionable WordPress website design for you. Our goal is to create your ideal WordPress website that grows your visibility and connects you with your target customers!

Making things happen with your website is our top priority. Hiring us means that you have a team of solid professional people who are skilled in developing WordPress website design that will meet your needs. Whether you want to grow your visibility, reach target customer or even set up a membership website, we will work with you to accomplish your website goals.

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All websites include the installation of WordPress, social media icon linking to profiles, Google Analytics, Email, a standard plugin to give WordPress additional functionality and 10 business days of FREE support (website maintenance retainer required to continue website support after free period).

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