Using social media to grow your visibility and build relationships in your networks can help you in unexpected ways. You can build relationships with your peers that could lead to joint ventures. Or you can connect with an industry leader using social media to find a mentor. You can even use social media to build relationships with your target customer to cultivate a successful buying history.

Why not use those important connections to ask for help? Many people are using social media to find help for everything from business to personal needs. Just by asking for help, you might be surprised by the answers you receive. Some of the area where you can use social media to connect and make meaningful relationships that can help in the following areas:

  • Job Searching
  • College Admissions
  • Support in a crisis
  • Donations for charities
  • Finding customers or people with similar interests
  • Learning new skills
  • Connecting with experts

The video below is a perfect example of how the “art of asking” via social media can help you fulfill the needs that you may have in your life.

TED – Amanda Palmer: The art of asking

[There is a video that cannot be displayed in this feed. Visit the blog entry to see the video.]

Ask And You Shall Receive

Are you afraid to ask for what you need? Most people are more than willing to help someone out, but you have to ask or they will not know what you need. Friends of friends in your network have connections and using social media to ask for help allows you to reach a much bigger circle.

Have you always wanted to learn something new?  Just ask!  Social media has made it possible for many people to share their talents and information. Harness the power of your social media circle for self improvement. Now is the time to ask for support and help in areas you have always wanted to learn more about or improve.

Using Social Media to Help Others

Using social media to make and grow personal connections can be very helpful to you as well as others. You can grow your visibility by offering your services, knowledge and information. You might be able to offer personal support and advice to someone who needs help.

Social media is now being used to recruit members of clubs and organization. It is also used for fundraising and to raise awareness of different causes.

Be sure that you are effective when asking for help from others using social media. Be specific and ask for exactly what you need.  Give a call to action and let others know how they can help you.

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