You already know your company needs a strong social media presence to reach new customers and stay ahead of the competition. But do you know the best ways to engage your customers in your corporate social media campaigns? We’ll show you five ways to energize your current campaigns for even more customer engagement.

1. Find an excellent set of resources for memes, shareables, and post automation

We recommend these four web tools that will help you master social media shares.


Tiny Torch is a tool that helps businesses find, generate and share online content. The developers create content that is audience-tested and proven to engage your customers. You can select from pre-designed content or create your own, then schedule shares for weeks in advance.


Agorapulse helps you customize posts and share them at optimum times. It also helps you utilize your evergreen content to your best advantage. This tool is ideal for corporate social media campaigns in agencies, large teams, and small businesses. It allows you to integrate all social media activity in one place and offers you weekly feedback on your sharing successes.


Onlypult is a tool to help you master Instagram sharing. You can upload your own material, edit your photos, manage multiple accounts at the same time and schedule automatic shares. It enables you to share limited-time offers that automatically expire according to parameters you set. Different team members can be assigned to manage the account without sharing the password.


Squirrly helps you learn SEO with ease. It’s a fast, easy-to-use tool to boost your reach on social media. It comes with training modules to help you understand SEO practices and how to be a better marketer. Squirrly has the unique ability to optimize every URL on your website. This gives you more control over your corporate social media campaigns.

Which tool suits the needs of your marketing strategy?

2. Personalize Your Corporate Social Media Campaigns when it's important

When you’re expressing a core value to your customers, it’s important to make the message more personal than everyday posts. For example, if you are sharing news about a new product or service that is tailored to better meet your customers’ needs, a personal tone will be more engaging. This can also be an effective approach if your organization is supporting a cause or covering a specific new topic.

3. Create expectations and meet them

Your customers will respond better when you meet their expectations. The first way you can accomplish this is to use similar backgrounds, type, and graphic design in all your corporate social media campaigns. Make sure your company brand looks the same across social media platforms.

You can also meet your customers’ expectations with cohesive copy and a similar writing tone. If you are trying to reach new moms, you may want to stick with a conversational tone. On the other hand, if your customer base is business executives, a professional tone will be more appropriate. Know your audience to understand their expectations for communication.

Finally, you can use themed posts for certain days to create continuity. The goal is to build familiarity and trust rather than to bore with monotony.

4. Break expectations to surprise your audience from time to time

Every so often, shake up your corporate social media campaigns with a break from the norm. You can mix in a monthly personal video if you regularly post text and photos.

Step a bit outside of your brand image boundaries, even if you tiptoe over the line. Your customers will be thrilled to see a new side of the brand at a different time than expected!

5. Showcase community engagement and corporate fun

Since image is the bottom line for corporate social media campaigns, make sure to use it to your advantage. Use images to humanize your brand and tell people what your company values most.

For example, if you sell pet products, post photos of team members having fun with their pets. Take advantage of holidays to show how your company celebrates and ask your customers to share their stories. The more engagement you can encourage, the more connected your customers will feel.

What’s your favorite engagement strategy? Share it with us below!

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