What Is Word of Mouth Marketing?

Wouldn’t you like to have target customers tell you they heard about you from someone they know? Of course, you would! The question is how do you get those target customers? The way you represent yourself as an individual and as a business plays a big role. Let me explain. Show them you’re a real person that they can interact and build a trusting relationship with. Treat them with respect, live up to your promises, and keep them happy.

When people trust you and have had a great experience with you and your business they are going to tell others. Anyone they know that needs what your business has to offer, you can be sure they are going to send them your way. This is called Word of mouth marketing and it has been the best form of marketing for any business.  It has always worked and it’s still working, however, it has also grown into a larger network for potential target customers.

It’s Important to Integrate Word of Mouth Marketing in Your Social Media

Word of mouth marketing is no longer limited to private face-to-face or phone conversations. With the growth of social media, target customers can now promote your business from all of their networks. This is also known as Grassroots Marketing, which uses the personal relationships to promote products or services virally or online. They are no longer restricted to a specific group of people, which gives target customers more power to be able to share their thoughts, opinions, and experiences. So instead of hearing word of mouth marketing, you might hear grassroots marketing.

Integrating grassroots marketing or word of mouth marketing into your social media is of the utmost importance.  90% of consumers surveyed in 2009 from Nielsen’s Global Online Consumer Survey say that they trust recommendations from people they know. While 70% trust virtual stranger’s opinions posted online.  With that being said, you will want to make sure you're utilizing your social media networks in a way that will make your target customers want to share information within their networks.

Utilizing Word of Mouth Marketing Online

There are several ways to find target customers online using word of mouth marketing or grassroots marketing. You will want to get them interested in what you’re doing with your business, so they will want to share or pass your message along to others. Below is a list of things you can do to incorporate word of mouth marketing into your social media strategy.

  • Join forums – offer assistance to others in the forums and build a presence.
  • Offer Free Samples of Products – lets customers try the product before they purchase.
  • Refer a Friend Discount – You can offer a discount to those who refers one of their friends.
  • Share fun and informative ideas – Post fun and informative ideas on your social media sites.
  • Create Blogs – Write blogs about specials your offering, helpful tips, etc.
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