Attention matters in this world of instant demand economies and internet deliveries. What’s also important is search engine ranking, among other factors that contribute to a speedy and responsively fast website. WordPress is a powerful tool, and you have a story to tell. Whether it be through products or content, content delivery network (CDN) help you deliver that story. Here’s why you should be using one.

What is a Content Delivery Network (CDN)?

CDN is a short term of “Content Delivery Network”. A CDN is a network of servers running on a location basis that delivers your website and its content to the relevant visitors based on location. Confusing topic? Definitely. Though we don’t really need to know the science behind it to take full use of a CDN for our websites.

When we visit a website, we’re directed to a web site's server, on the web host. This server is generally at a headquartered location, say, for example, San Francisco. However, if our visitor that’s trying to view pictures is from Portland, Maine, the site’s pictures will load much slower due to the fact that the server is so far from their location.

With a CDN in another case, we have multiple servers in various locations. That same visitor trying to access our site will get a cached pre-loaded version of our site and pictures from a CDN server in Boston. This makes the site respond much quicker.

Faster load times mean happier visitors that won’t exit from a slow loading website. Search engines then stay happy because they see how lightning fast your site is. It’s a winning objective for all different sites for your business.

A Deeper Look At The Benefits

We can now see how a CDN helps deliver a more engaging and energetic experience for many sides of your business. But what are the many benefits of having a CDN?

Less Downtime

You’re probably aware of the effect that downtime can have on a business that relies on websites for revenue and customer satisfaction. Instead of a website being loaded from a central server, one server specifically, websites will be loaded on many servers in different locations.

This meaning that the pressure is not all one a single server, but many, reducing downtime and crashes for your servers.


Your site’s speed will increase greatly, rewarding your visitors with an instantaneous result of their curiosity and attention: your website. Search engines also constantly scan websites for speed and engaging responsiveness. A CDN will clearly help your ranking on search engines.

Better Bounce Rates

You will undoubtedly see a decrease in bounce rates for your site. If you didn’t know already, bounce rates are the percentages of users who leave your site after they view initially view it.

With a quick response on any page or content they load on your site, it will leave them happier as they have all the information they wanted at the click of a mouse – quickly.

Which CDN Should I Use?

I highly recommend the CDN solution, MaxCDN. MaxCDN connects effortlessly into WordPress, allowing a virtual plug and play option. This will have you up and running with your lightning fast WordPress site in no time. Almost faster than your site itself, when it’s running the CDN. 

Need a helping hand?

Are you trying to get your WordPress site set up and need a little help? Have questions? That is okay! Contact me today! All questions and comments will be responded to! I look forward to hearing from you!

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